Quote of the Month

"You know that just before the first Thanksgiving, there was one wise old Native American woman saying, “Don’t feed them. If you feed them, they’ll never leave.”

"-Dylan Brody-"

As part of the official Annual Resident's Meeting and the meeting following, these officers were elected.

President - Dave Borchardt

Vice-President -
Sandy Baumstark (60)

Treasurer -
Richard Granata

Secretary -
Connie Riter

Member at Large (1 year) -
Bonnie Harrison (40)

Member at Large (2 year) -
Mike Kereluk (82)

Member at Large (3 year) -
Pat Hillard(182)


We Owe Them a Lot On Veterans Day we remember again Our men and women who served; We honor them now for what they did then: The liberties they preserved. Let’s never forget their sacrifice, The hard, heavy work they have done; They did what was asked, crucial needs they fulfilled, With a telephone, pencil or gun. We’re happy and proud to honor them; They gave so much more than they got. Our heroes, our veterans kept freedom safe; All of us owe them a lot. By Joanna Fuchs

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Dear Resident,
I wanted to take a quick moment to reach out to the community to share some information and hopefully dispel a rumor that is circulating. There seems to be some misinformation circulating regarding the temperature at which we set our pools. Our pool heater is CURRENTLY set to 84 degrees, which is one degree lower than the maximum allowed temperature for our type of ‘recreational’ swimming pool. Our community standards require us to keep the pool temperature between 82 and 85 degrees. A copy of that policy, which is signed at lease signing, is attached. Even on a cold, balmy day like today the current digital reading is 83 degrees. We monitor our pool digitally as it is the most accurate method of monitoring. Please understand that NO ONE on our staff has been instructed to lower the heater settings for any reason… not to save money, not to keep people out, or any other reason that may be being passed around. The simple fact is that as the temperature drops and the ambient air temperature drops, the pool water feels different to the touch. This happens even though the heater may actually be worker harder and longer to keep the temperature up as heat from the pool escapes into the colder surrounding air. Some days this effect may be more noticeable than on others, especially as the weather cools down. I implore you to put your toes in the water today and feel what 83 degrees feels like on a chilly day as opposed to our typical nicer weather. As policy, most Sun Community properties in other locations actually close their pools when the outdoor temperature reaches 68 degrees for this reason. I hope this helps clear any confusion that may be circulating in the community. Have a great Day!