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“Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they really are.”

-"—Will Ferrell—"-

As part of the official Annual Resident's Meeting and the meeting following, these officers were elected.

President - Dave Borchardt

Vice-President -
Sandy Baumstark (60)

Treasurer -
Denise Haws

Secretary -
Barb Nienkark

Member at Large (1 year) -
Mike Kereluk (82)

Member at Large (2 year) -
Pat Hillard(182)

Member at Large (3 year) -
Rhonda Smaldino (155)

Memorial Day

If you have a relative who has died and served in one of the five branches of the military, please see if you can find a picture of them, preferably in their uniform. I will copy the picture and return the original to you. This way we can honor them on Memorial Day. And please fill out this form, too. Your name_______Lot number______Name of person in picture______ What branch of service_________ Rank(if you know)_____ what years did they serve______Any awards they received_______ Anything else_______ Thanks, Connie Riter Lot 81

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What an Amazing and Fun Filled Evening...

by Barb Nienkark

It would seem that we were all ready for a fun night out with friends, and the hard working crew at Desert Harbor served up exactly what we needed! The hamburgers and hot dogs were cooked perfectly along with those grilled on.ions to top them off. The residents brought lots of delicious side dishes to compliment the main course and some yummy desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth. The Beeline Highway Band was new to Desert Harbor but their music and song selection was outstanding, and I am sure we will have them for a return performance in the future. There are so many to thank for this awesome evening but it's impossible to name each and every one. So this is a big shout out “Thank You” to those who planned the event, set up, cooked, served, took down and cleaned up. It was a big job but so well appreciated by all who were there and enjoyed every moment of the evening.

Our new board members
Left to Right Dave Borchardt-President.
Sandy Baumstark-Vice President.
Barb Nienkark-Secretary,
Rhonda Smaldino, Board member at large,
Pat Hillard-Board member at large,
Mike Kereluk-Board Member at large,
Denise Haws-Treasurer