Quote of the Month

"New Year‘s Day – Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can be paving hell with them as usual. ”

"-Mark Twain-"

As part of the official Annual Resident's Meeting and the meeting following, these officers were elected.

President - Dave Borchardt

Vice-President -
Bruce Wicken (37)

Treasurer -
Richard Granata

Secretary -
Connie Riter

Member at Large (3 year) -
Karen Kroschel(197)

Member at Large (2 year) -
Bonnie Harrison (40)

Member at Large (1 year) -
April Doud(31)

In case you forgot what it's like!

Coyote Coupon Book Sales
by Connie Riter

We now have sold 34 books, but we have 16 more to go. There are a lot of good discounts in this book which you can use all year if you enjoy eating out, traveling, and it is great when you have visitors from another part of the country. It can save you a lot of money and for only $20, it is quite a bargain! Once we sell 50 books, our Park gets $500 CASH! So, please help us out if you haven't purchased one yet. There is one in the Clubhouse which you can examine. In the picture is Leslie, who started this coupon book over 20 years ago! What a great New Year's Resolution - find a new restaurant each week to visit!

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Each year as we look forward to a new year it’s time to remember our neighbors who left us in 2019. We will miss our friends and residents and the joy they brought to our lives

KAREN SUE ANDERSON (lot 39) - Karen and her husband Richard have been residents of Desert Harbor for 21 years. They celebrated 54 years of marriage. She was a wonderful and supportive mother to her daughters, two of whom live in Desert Harbor. She joined the workforce when her daughters were raised, working as an environmental supervisor at various nursing homes in the Phoenix area. Karen’s bright smile and joyous spirit are missed by her family and friends here in our community. I personally wish I had known her. Karen passed away on March 24, 2019
BART BERNDT (lot 137) by Dave Borchardt Bart Berndt and his wife Jean (who passed away in 2015) moved into Desert Harbor several years ago and were seasonal residents with their main home in Rapid City, SD. You could often see Bart & Jean stroll around the park holding hands. Bart was a very humble, interesting and fun person. He was a Navy Veteran proudly serving his country for four years. Bart earned many College Degrees and received his full Professorship at Northern State College in Aberdeen SD. He founded the NSU baseball program and coached for 26 years. He also assisted with football, basketball and track programs. He was a five time District Baseball Coach of the Year and was enshrined into the NSU Hall of Fame in 1995. He was actively involved in the Kiwanis, Elks and American Legion Athletic Committee. Bev and I often would go with Bart to one of his favorite places, the China City Super Buffet. Bev and I will miss him as will many. Bart passed away on December 6, 2019. KAREN
EDWARD R. CROYLE SR. (lot 120) - Ed and his wife Mary Lou came to Arizona over 30 years ago from the Cleveland, Ohio area. They lived in Desert Harbor for a good portion of that time. Ed was a retired aircraft mechanic, having served for over 20 years in the United States Air Force and Air National Guard. Ed was active in activates during his early years in Desert Harbor. He enjoyed visiting with neighbors. Ed is missed by his family in Ohio and neighbors here in Arizona. Ed passed away on October 4, 2019 in Ohio
RON FARMER – Ron passed away on June 20, 2019, one week after he moved from Desert Harbor to Buckeye. He was always a car enthusiast and enjoyed driving his ’47 Ford Coupe to Arizona from Virginia each winter. He first came to Desert Harbor in 2012 and loved it. After growing up in Delaware, spending a few years in Cheyenne, Wyoming while in the Air Force, and living in Southwest Virginia, he was happy to be away from snow and cold. He had gotten spoiled by warmer weather while living in California before the Virginia move. When the house sold in Virginia at the end of 2018, it meant that Arizona was going to be the full -time residence. That meant making the arrangements to have two street rods transported to Desert Harbor – ’29 Ford Roadster and the ’47 Ford Coupe and packing boxes. It was decided to move to Buckeye to be closer to California and our son. Buckeye is more cost effective than California. He was so happy with the house we found in Buckeye but also very sad to leave behind friends he had made while in Desert Harbor. He was a retired Auto Technology teacher for the Grayson County School System in Independence, Virginia. I was married to him for 61 years which leaves me with many, many happy memories. As one of his students posted on Facebook-Hot Rods in Heaven just got a little faster and a whole lot cooler...Rest in Peace Ron Farmer.
CHARLES ALAN GOODWIN (lot 200) – Al and Dee, his wife is originally from North Dakota where they raised two sons. Their five grandchildren still live in North Dakota. Al enjoyed hunting and fishing trips while living up north. Al and Dee enjoyed hiking the mountains around Apache Junction. Once they moved to Desert Harbor, they enjoyed the pool using it for exercise and as a social event. Al enjoyed visiting with his neighbors including the ladies at the pool. If you needed help Al was always ready to assist. I could count on him to open the clubhouse and start the coffee for our Community Sale and Fun Day. He could be found on Saturday mornings having coffee with those who gathered. One of my fondest memories is Al on the step ladder stringing lights across the front of the clubhouse at Christmas. Dee shared he kept busy in his workshop always finding something to tinker with. The items he repaired found their way to his patio sales. He enjoyed visiting more than selling his treasures. His strong faith guided him through his final illness. Al, we miss your bright smile and willing nature to answer the call when your assistance was requested. Al passed away on May 25, 2019.
JOSEPH E. SCHNIER (lot 146) - Joe and his wife Barb have been residents for over fifteen years. Joe was a past president of the Desert Harbor Activities Organization. He and Barb moved to Desert Harbor in November 2005. Joe grew up in Illinois and joined the Navy after High School, serving as an electrician. Joe was an excellent cook having worked in the restaurant business for much of his career. He spearheaded several dinners for the Activities Organization. He also prepared meals for private parties. One was for former residents Art and Elaine Anfang for their 60th wedding anniversary. The meal was prepared with skill and was very enjoyable to consume. Joe was very active in the Loyal of Moose where he held many positions. He was also a faithful Catholic serving as Head Sacristan at St. George Catholic Church. Joe is missed by Barb, his son and grandchildren as well as his neighbors in Desert Harbor. Joe passed away on April 4, 2019