Some exciting news. Bob and Karen Chapin are going to resume their Tuesday Pizza. So come one come all, Tuesday afternoon anytime after 3:00. Bob is looking forward to our fun Chapin pizza and popcorn time.

Shot my firt turkey today. scared the crap out of everyone in the frozrn food section, It was awesome


Desert Harbor's Hoe-Down

Beth Chartrand and her crew of workers did an outstanding job of putting this evening together. With fair skies and mild temps predicted, they decided to go all out and have the Bee Line Hiway Band perform outside. The food was set up inside but everyone took their plates outside to enjoy their dinner, the music and the beautiful evening. The weather stayed great until much later in the evening, but by that time the delicious food, the spirits and the dancing kept us warm. Colleen Kitzman and Ron Passage were the lucky ones to split the 50/50 drawing. A big thanks, too, to the Hostesses who did their usual awesome job of cleanup.

Desert Harbor Bunco for November

Our Bunco winners for November 3rd Most Buncos won by Heather Alvarado. Most wins won by Cheryl Sunderman followed by Sidney Gardner and Linda Edwards. Most losses won by Mark Vasold and Jackie Hatfield had last Bunco! November 17th Sid Gardner had most Buncos and 3rd most wins. Jackie Hatfield had most wins followed by Heather Alvarado. Joyce Myers had most losses. Thank you everyone for coming! Join us on December 1st, 15th and the 29th.

The In Park Ladies Luncheon was on Tuesday, November 1st. There was just a few ladies that were able to make it but we still had fun and great conversation. Unfortunately if we don't get more ladies this month, we may not continue going forward. All ladies are welcome this is great way to meet and get to know your neighbors!! I hope to see lots of you on December 6th. Thank you,

Lori Johnson


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