Grab your chair and your cooler ... it's Happy Hour Pizza Time again! Bob and Karen Chapin, Lot #131, will be hosting happy hour and pizza again on Tuesdays at 2:30. Just bring a chair and your drink of choice and call them by the Sunday before to let them know that you will be attending. Their phone number to RSVP is 517-775-3522. If you have any questions, give them a call.

Ladies out of park

by Bea Goudeseune

A fun filled luncheon was had by 19 lucky ladies today at Serrano's !
All our ladies are fun and just thankful to be out together. We really had a fun filled group today, thank you ladies!
The Staff at Serrano's could not have been better, our service was excellent from the moment we were seated. The food was delicious, our private room was roomy and comfortable.
October 19th we will be lunching at " The Old School Grub " It is located just inside the front entrance of the Superstition Springs Mall, the T.J. Max entrance.
If i can remind everyone once again, the sign- up sheet is in the Clubhouse, be there before 11 as we leave promptly at 11 and we do car pool as necessary.
Please bring a guest, neighbor, whomsoever !! As long as it is not your husband!

Speaking of husbands, while our ladies are out to lunch the fellows get together for their own luncheon, all the fellows are invited to join. I will get more info on the men's luncheon and send it via separate email.
Once again ladies, thank you for always coming and supporting a super fun filled day. I find that there are times when some of our ladies may be feeling down or have a personal issue in their life. These fun times bring joy to some that may suffer in silence.

See you October 19th. Bea 602-703-0220, call me anytime to add you to the sign up or whatever.


We had a very successful ladies soup 'n Salad luncheon on August 2nd. Nine ladies attended and we had 2 soups, 5 salads, and 2 desserts. Everything was perfect and very delicious. 50/50 was won by Lori Johnson and the door prize was won by Katie Johnson. We hope to see more gals at the luncheon on September 7th. Please come!


Between 20 and 30 people play Bingo every Monday evening at 6:30 pm in the Clubhouse. It costs $5 to play three cards and we have a 50/50 raffle also and refreshments for purchase at half-time. The talk of the evening is who might win the last game cover-all and win the big prize of a $100 gift card. If it isn't won on a given night, another number is added each week until it is won.

Come out and join us, it's a lot of entertainment for $5.00.
We are also looking for Bingo volunteers to help with setup, taking money, counting people, handing out money and taking in 50-50 money.


There was one Cribbage tournament held in September. One was held on Tuesday September 14th and there were a total of 12 people Ann Marie Bush had the High Card with 5 wins, 11 points and 1 skunk. Randy Hudson had the High Hand of 28 with 4 Fives and a King.. The second one had to be cancelled. We are planning two tournaments in October on the 12th and 26th. Please come out and join us it’s a lot of fun. Very relaxed atmosphere. A big Thank You to our hosts Scott and Char Hudson

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