Grab your chair and your cooler ... it's Happy Hour Pizza Time again! Bob and Karen Chapin, Lot #131, will be hosting happy hour and pizza again on Tuesdays at 2:30. Don't forget though that Bob and Karen will be out of town from June 17th until July 17th. Just bring a chair and your drink of choice and call them by the Sunday before to let them know that you will be attending. Their phone number to RSVP is 517-775-3522. If you have any questions, give them a call.

Desert Belle Cruise
by Cami Weis

MAY 12, 2021 Many residents went on the Desert Belle Cruise. It was a very warm day but all had a great time. We were able to enjoy great live music, good drinks and popcorn. We also were able to view a young bald eagle on the shoreline in a tree. It blended in so well that it was hard to find it at first. The trip was 80 minutes long on Lake Saguaro. Very beautiful scenery and a great group of residents.
By Cami Weiss


Bunco Results
by Becky Gardner

Bunco Results by Becky Gardner

Hello everyone! I need to apologize for not getting the results in for April, I had been on vacation and so you will get two months of results .
April 1st Most Buncos and 2nd most wins won by Jean Myers. Ann Marie had most wins and Cheryl Sunderman had most losses.
April 15th Most Buncos won by Sid Gardner. Most Wins won by Becky Gardner. Jackie Hatfield had most losses and Charlene Hudson had last Bunco . April 29th Most Buncos won by Charlene Hudson and most wins won by Cheryl Sunderman. Ann Marie had 2nd most wins and Sid Gardner had came in 3rd. Jean Myers had most losses.
May 6th Allison Hudson took most Buncos. Linda Edwards had most wins and Jackie Hatfield came in 2nd and Debbie Roberts came in 3rd. Cheryl Sunderman had most losses.
May 20th Most Buncos and 3rd most wins won by Charlene Hudson . Debbie Roberts had most wins and Joyce Myers came in 2nd. Jackie Hatfield had most losses and last Bunco.
Thank you all for setting up and cleaning .
We have plenty of room for more players if you're looking for a fun few hours. It's easy to learn!!!!

Come join us in June (3rd and 17th) See you all soon Becky Gardner


Between 20 and 30 people play Bingo every Monday evening at 6:30 pm in the Clubhouse. It costs $5 to play three cards and we have a 50/50 raffle also and refreshments for purchase at half-time. The talk of the evening is who might win the last game cover-all and win the big prize of a $100 gift card. If it isn't won on a given night, another number is added each week until it is won.

Come out and join us, it's a lot of entertainment for $5.00.
We are also looking for Bingo volunteers to help with setup, taking money, counting people, handing out money and taking in 50-50 money.

by Charlene Hudson

There were 8 people high hand Charlene with a 20 high card Charlene with a grand slam 5 wins 1 skunk 11/5.

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