This is the newest names we have for the residents moving into the park. If you need a complete list or want a phone book, please see Dave Borchardt. Lot #142

September new residents

42 Jeffrey and Crystine Hora 151 Leon and Diane Schmitz

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

"-Mark Twain-"

Here is your Desert Harbor Contact List

(480) 288-8876
Fax:(623) 258-4134
Your Officers and Emergency Numbers
Name Office Tel No.
Dave Borchardt #142
President 612-790-7549
Sandy Baumstark #60 Vice-President
Denise Haws #201 Treasurer 801-472-7565
Barb Nienkark #192 Secretary 480-288-0568
Rhonda Smaidino #155 Member at Large (3 year) 909-214-4907
Pat Hillard #182 Member at Large (2 year) 605-520-1999
Mike Kereluk #82 Member at Large (1 year) 480-560-3027
Dick Smith #74 Webmaster 480-983-5819
Karen Majur Sunshine
Home Sales
Aimee Bennet SUN Manager
Desert Harbor
Fax:(623) 258-4134
Julia Cusick SUN Manager
Desert Harbor
(480) 288-8876
Fax:(623) 258-4134
Life Emergencies   911
Police   480-982-8260
Fire   480-982-4440
Southwest Ambulance   602-437-1321

Our Activity Coordinators (All numbers are in the 480 exchange unless noted)
Name Committee Tel No.
No Specific Coordinator Billiards  
Paula Barker Water Exercises  
Carol Hobson Applique 983-0578
Carol Hobson Closet Quilters 983-0578
TBA Card Games  
Esther Lough Mah Jong 480-288-8579
Esther Lough Genealogy 480-288-8579
TBA Poker
Carol Rysavy Library 983-3142
TBA Soup & Salad Luncheons
Bea Goudeseune Out of the park Lunches 602-703-0220
Cliff Edwards Mexican Train
Don Baumstark Golfing 262-909-3244