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Sept. 7, 2019 Residents Meeting

by Connie Riter

Dave Borchardt began our monthly meeting at 9:00am, leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were about 60 residents present. He asked that the 50/50 be closed, then took roll call of the Board, indicating that Bonnie Harrison is gone to her home in Canada for the summer and that April Doud was on vacation out East. Dave then asked if there were any new residents and there were four – Dave and Linda King in 130 and Mike and Linda Hoheisel in 115.
The minutes, copies of which were on the tables, were approved as written. The treasurer’s report was also approved, as written. Under Officers Reports, Karen Kroschel gave the details of the Game Night to be held on Sept. 11th at 6 pm. A variety of games will be played and a gift card will be presented to each person who has the high score for that game. Carol mentioned the library encouraging everyone to use it and to bring in books and movies as they finish them. She has over 300 videos in the card room. Tom mentioned that we are not drinking enough because he had to make only one run this month. He made $28.50 on the cans. So keep drinking and collecting cans and hope the Canadians return soon.
Janna, our new manager for both parks, spoke on Trash pick-up, and other things. If we get recyclables back again, do we want to pay more with Republic and have our own recyclable can or do we want to all use a big one behind the Clubhouse as we have done. Barb mentioned that we had had that and people were abusing it by putting other things in the bin which were not recyclable. She felt we should have our own trash can. Everyone agreed. Tom mentioned that we are still getting paid for papers and cans, and we wouldn’t want to give up that opportunity if we go with Republic. Janna went on to say that we will be getting 6 new security cameras – 4 outside and 2 inside. They will be far better than what we had before and the recordings will be saved for 7 years. The dog park will be enlarged and they should be starting soon. She said from the 8th to the 17th in November, she will be in Michigan for a corporate conference. Ernie is away now and will return on the 11th.
Dave mentioned that Cindy will not be taking pictures anymore and he would have thanked her for all her hard work if she had come to the meeting, but she hadn’t. Midge also had to stop doing tai chi. Any volunteers for either position? See Dave if you want to help out. He said we have already spent $2000 of the money given by corporate for our use. We still have another $1000 left for the rest of the year.
Cami mentioned that Jane asked her to begin working on the Fun Day volunteers in March. If she doesn’t get any, she will go door to door – asking. Fran mentioned that she has been a volunteer for Banner Gateway Hospital for many years. She is encouraging people to apply to work there as a volunteer.
Dave asked us to consider having year round meetings since 85% of the residents live here all year. It would require a change in the by-laws and the consensus was that everyone thought it would be a good idea. He said we need Hosts and Hostesses for Oct. 19th, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Dinner, and he thought a Halloween and NY Eve committee could be formed. Cami seems to be chairing that.
Then we began discussing the electronic sign that Curt wants to buy to show activities. He has done a lot of research and they cost between $500 and $1700. They are computer run and easy to change. For over ½ hour we discussed the sign and it was suggested we go to La Casa Blanca and Rancho Mirage to look at their signs. Dave said we should buy it if we can get one for a maximum of $1700. The residents decided that the Board should make the final decision without having to take a vote.
The Saturday morning set-up crew needs more help. Only three people are left – Mike Kerelek, Carol Rysavy, and Dick Smith. Just stop in on Saturday around 6:30 am for coffee and donuts if you would like to help out.
Bingo prices are changing as of Monday evening. It will be only $3.00 to play – but the last Monday of each month will be $5.00. Bigger pay-outs on that day.
The new attendance raffle was held and unit 203 (Midge and Dave Drouin) was drawn. Since they were not here today, it will be $20 in October. The 50/50 raffle was won by Tom Dike, for $62.00. We adjourned at 10:15am.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Riter

From the
President's Desk

by Dave Borchardt

October and the temperatures should be dropping.
Our winter residents will soon be back and we have a lot of activities and events lined up for this winter season.
October will have entertainment, a German theme pot luck and a Halloween party on October 31st.
November will have a Veterans Day Pizza party, our annual individual patio home sales, bake & book sale as well as food. More entertainment and our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day pot luck.
December will have more entertainment, our Christmas Carols, our 2nd Annual Christmas Day pot luck and we are hoping for a big turn out as we welcome in the year 2020.
Be sure to watch for events posted in our display cases outside of the clubhouse and of course the newsletter calendar too.
Thank you to all the residents that have stepped up with host and hostess as well as committees for Halloween and New Year’s.



5 Saturday Resident Meeting 9:00 am (Coffee & Donuts provided)
10 Thursday Tourvea Castle Tour (Out of Park)
19 Saturday Pot Luck 4:30 HH 5:00 Food (German Theme)
24 Thursday Michael Land, Entertainment 7:00 pm
31 Thursday Halloween (NEED COMMITTEE)

2 Sat Resident Meeting 9:00 am (Coffee & Donuts provided)
9 Sat Texas Hold Em Fall Tournament 5:30 pm
11 Mon Veterans Day 4:00 pm (Pizzas supplied)
16 Sat 7 am to 1 pm, Bake—Book—Craft Sale Clubhouse individual homes patio sales and lunch will be available at the clubhouse
21 Thu Nancy, One Nan Band, Entertainment 7:30 pm
28 Thu Thanksgiving Pot Luck (Turkey Provided) 2:30 HH 3:00 Food

7 Sat Resident Meeting 9:00 am (Coffee & Donuts provided)
11 Wed Sunshine Acres Children's Choir 6:00 pm
11 Wed Christmas Carolers Entertainment 7:00 pm
18 Wed 5:30 pm Christmas Carols in our park
25 Wed Christmas Pot Luck (Ham Provided) 2:30 HH 3:00 Food
31 Tue New Year’s Eve

4 Sat Resident Meeting 9:00 am (Coffee & Donuts provided)
15 Wed The Calhouns, Entertainment, 6:00 pm
18 Sat Pot Luck 4:30 HH 5:00 Food

1 Sat Resident Meeting 9:00 am (Coffee & Donuts provided)
2 Sun Super Bowl Party 4:00 pm
5 Wed Rave On’s, Entertainment
? ? Chili Cook Off
14 Fri Valentine’s Day (Roadrunner Band) (Bring Valentine’s Desserts)
15 Sat Pot Luck 4:30 HH 5:00 Food
29 Sat Annual Canadian Party