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November 2019 Residents Meeting

by April Doud

Summary of January's Residents Meeting Dave Borchardt began our monthly meeting at 9:02am, leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were about 69 residents present. He asked that the 50/50 be closed, then took roll call of the Board noting that Connie was not here. All other board members were present and April was acting as secretary today. Dave then asked if there were any new residents and there were none. Dec. minutes, copies of which were on the tables, were approved as written. The treasurer's report was also approved, as written. Bonnie announced that $105.50 was given to the treasury from the Dec. bake sale. Carol Rysavy said the library is doing well. Aluminum cans netted $40 and $47. Speaker-PMMH Insurance-spoke about the "stated value insurance on home." Their agency is readily available even on weekends. We thanked him for donuts. Jane spoke on "Fun Day"-community yard sale on March 14, cleared $5000 for the last two years. Requested people to chair committees to help. Need food donations for food and bake sale and volunteers for grilling foods. Connie places newspaper ads. Elaine volunteered to do baskets raffle. Also will have silent auction for larger items. Need people to distribute flyers in neighboring places. 50/50 hourly drawings throughout the day. Mega 50/50 is at end of the day. Carol Rysavy will handle book sale with her helper. Jane is in #179. Will need people to check out donations for workability and to have all the parts that go with donation. Please have donations clean. Elaine spoke about basket raffles, asked residents to donate at least $10. (Raffle brought in $1,000 in 2019). Re: furniture pieces not marked, we "bargain". Buyers pay cash only-will take checks from residents (we know where they live.) Nancy #61 can store items for sale. LeAnn spoke about clubhouse decorating. She suggested dividing decorating by month. Volunteers using different ideas each month. She inserted that Dave and the men will do Mother's Day and the ladies will do Father's day. She suggested using Pinterest for decorating ideas. Her professed concept of ALL residents helping to decorate the clubhouse removes the responsibility from 1 or 2 people every month. There will be a clipboard for sign ups. She brought up possibility of liability to us if someone falls off of a ladder while decorating. She mentioned that the budget for decoration is $40 per month, but Bonnie said there are a lot of supplies in back closets. (Budget is $480 per year.) If a decorator wants to spend more than $40, get approval from the Board or you could be liable for the over expense. Dave thanked ham cookers for December pot luck. Caroling-close to 60 people in golf carts. Dave thanked everyone who volunteered. The gingerbread contest-Sunshine acres kids judged. First place-Karen Kroschel, Second and Third Place were a tie. Sue Behren and Connie Riter. New Years Party-a BIG success and thanks given to all volunteers. Thanks given to folks who donated prizes for the New Year's Eve Party. Dave needs 2 people to audit the books. Paula and Art stepped up again. We need nominating committee for people running for board. Pat Hillard, Bev Borchardt, and Sandy Baum. President - 4/20 - 4/22 Vice President - same 2 Board Members - 4/20 – 4/23 and other from 4/20 - 4/22. The Duttons . 34 tickets were bought ($25 each) 12 are left. Performance is Thursday, Feb. 20 at 7 pm. Residents attendance drawing (J Smith in #164 was drawn, for $50.) Was not here. 50/50 drawing – Jane won $65. Meeting closed at 10:08 am

From the
President's Desk

by Dave Borchardt

Here we are in the second month of the year already.
We had a great January starting with our very successful January 10th Country Music night that turned into a wide array of song requests and for sure we will have to do that again. The Calhouns were very good and Jim Calhoun could sure strum that guitar. Janice Young was also very good and we will be having her back soon.
February looks to be just as exciting starting with our big Super Bowl Party on Sunday Feb. 2nd. We have musical entertainment with the Rave On's on Feb. 5th, then our very own Ron and Carol on Valentine's Day Feb. 14th. And we can't forget our Chili Cook-Off on Feb. 19th, The Dutton's out of park on the 20th and ending with the huge Can-Am party on Leap Year Day Feb. 29th.
March will prove to be very busy as well with the Golf Cart Challenge, Fun Day, St. Patrick's Day Dinner and ending with our 3rd Annual Outdoor Bar B Q and live band.

As always, a big thank you to all the people that help make our events and parties successf



1 Sat Resident Meeting 9:00 am (Coffee & Donuts provided)
2 Sun Super Bowl Party 4:00 pm
5 Wed Rave On's, Entertainment
15 Sat Pot Luck 4:30HH 5:00 Food
19 Wed Chili Cook Off
14 Fri Valentine's Day (Roadrunner Band) (Bring Valentine's Desserts)
15 Sat Pot Luck 4:30 HH 5:00 Food
29 Sat Annual Canadian Party

4 Wed Golf Cart Challenge 2:00 pm
7 Sat Resident Meeting 9:00 am (Coffee & Donuts provided)
14 Sat Annual Fun Day
17 Tue St. Patrick's Day Dinner
28 Sat Outdoor Bar B Q with Live Band

4 Sat Resident Meeting 9:00 am (Coffee & Donuts provided)
10 Fri Jerry & Judy Entertainment
12 Sun Easter Dinner

2 Sat Resident Meet 9:00 am (Coffee & Donuts provided)
5 Tue Cinco de Mayo
16 Sat Pot Luck
25 Mon Memorial Day