Our 2nd Annual Golf Cart Challenge Our Golf Cart Challenge this year will be held on Wednesday, March 4th. We will gather at the clubhouse at 2 PM. If you have any questions you can contact Don Childers.

Mark your calendars now... For our 3rd annual Outdoor Barbeque on Saturday, March 28th, from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. Guilty Pleasures will be providing the music for our listening and dancing. This event will take place in front of our clubhouse. You don't want to miss this most enjoyable evening with a most entertaining live band.

Genealogy classes have started again. Esther Lough will be at the clubhouse on Fridays at 1pm to help you learn how to find your ancestors. Come and see what you can find out about your family.

Chair Yoga and Tai Chi

by Midge Drouin

Due to unforseen circumstances, Tai Chi and Chair Yoga will not be held anymore. Maybe in some future time.

There will be no further casino trips. The casinos have decided to charge for the bus rides and we don't want to inconvenience any one.

Ladies, don't forget we are still doing the outside luncheon. This month will be the 18th. Please join us. We are going to Red Lobster.

Also, we are still doing the Ladies Soup and Salad Luncheon. This month it is February 4th. Luncheon will start at noon. come and bring your favorite soup or salad.

To our Desert Harbor Family

To our extended Desert Harbor Family, wherever you are, when you aren't here with us.

We invite you to contribute news to our web site here at www.desertharboraz.net You can participate even from thousands of miles away. We welcome and encourage any and all of our tenants to contribute even if you are only physically with us for a limited amount of time during the winter. Those of us who stay here to enjoy that Arizona Monsoon would still like to know how you are doing. Just send a note and a picture as well if you wish to Dick Smith, the webmaster at RLCKSMITH@MSN.COM or use snail mail to 3700 S Ironwood Drive, Lot 74, Apache Junction, AZ 85120.

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