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If you would like to purchase a name tag, there is a sheet in the back of the Clubhouse to order one. Please PRINT YOUR NAME, your lot number, the State from which you came, and if you need a pin back rather than a magnetic back. They are $10.00 each and you can pay for them when they come in. Thanks, Connie Riter Lot 81

Want to go to Payson on the Fun Bus?
Connie Riter

Yes, it's back in service. It leaves twice a month from the 99 cent store on Meridian. It arrives at 7:40 am and leaves for the Casino at 8 am. It leaves the casino for the return trip at 3 pm, getting back around 5 pm. You must have reservations which you can make by calling 800-777-7529 ext. 6000. (If no one answers, leave a message.) It is a free bus and if you earn 200 points, you will receive $20 in free play and $10 in comps which you can use for food,etc. There is no bingo, but the table games usually open at 1 pm….. and the slot machines are fun! You need your i.d. and player's club card (or get one when there) and the bus requires you to wear a mask. You don't need to wear a mask in the casino, but they recommend it. (Sharon, who is the transportation liaison, said this is all subject to change.)

by Becky Gardner

Hello everyone. My apologies for not putting results out for 3 months. I appreciate all who covered for me while I dealt with family issues. I’m back now and we will continue on thru the summer months- so come join us and cool off in the Clubhouse!!! March 3rd winners were Cheryl Sunderman with the most Buncos. Debbie Roberts had most wins followed by Jeanine Gooding and Jean Myers. Jackie Hatfield has most losses and Sid Gardner had the last Bunco. March 17th winners were Charlene Hudson for most Buncos . Becky Gardner had most wins followed by Heather Alvarado. Most losses by Jean Myers and last Bunco Cheryl Sunderman. March 31st winners were Jeanine Gooding for most Buncos and Cheryl Sunderman for most wins, followed by Heather Alvarado. Becky Gardner had most losses and Jackie Hatfield had the last Bunco. April 7th winners were Cheryl Sunderman for most Buncos and 2nd most wins. Linda Edwards had most wins and Ann Marie came in 3rd. Sid Gardner had most losses. April 21st winners were Linda Edwards with most Buncos. Heather Alvarado had most wins followed by Jean Myers and Joyce Myers . Ann Marie had most losses. May 5th winners were Heather Alvarado with most Buncos . Jeanine Gooding for most wins and last Bunco , followed by Joyce Myers and Pat Dearing . Cheryl Sunderman had most losses. May 19th winners were Heather Alvarado had most Buncos. Most wins by Ann Marie followed by Linda Edwards and Cheryl Sunderman. Most losses won by Jean Myers . Next Bunco dates are June 2nd, 16th and the 30th. July 7th and 21st. Hope to see you there. Again I want to thank everyone who helped kept the games going?????? Becky Gardner